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Game Updates v2!

Game was updated to latest version, all known bugs was fixed.

To enter game run RoyalsMu Launcher to install all latest updates or download and extract this Patch manually.

[FIX] Reworked Solid Protection skill logic/effects and added tank damage visual effect
[FIX] Swell Life was decreasing HP if used after Solid Protection
[FIX] Players could get randomly and incorrectly disconnected by Off-Level max use time check
[FIX] Combat Power calculation was incorrectly affected (increased) by use of certain items
[FIX] Blood Howling skill did not work in Off-Level
[FIX] Party gets invalid PK status at specific scenario of using /pkclear command by party member
[MOD] The /pkclear command can be now used only after self-defense is lifted to avoid using the command as a way to run away after PK
[FIX] Certain mixes were not locked properly what resulted in inability of doing further mixes
[FIX] Replying to letter was not possible in certain scenario
[FIX] Oversting skill max attack target increase did not work
[ADD] Opportunity to transfer your character from x100 to x1000 (account panel > transfer character)
[ADD] Christmas Promo. +20% more Credits on donation. Valid until 7 January.